Are you part of the majority of Americans who dread the gym but wish you were in better shape or could shed some pounds? Send A Trainer has the perfect solution. We have a variety of personal trainers, yoga and Pilates instructors and nutritionists who come to you.

A recent 1400 person survey conducted by Nine Rewards in Australia found that a full 33% of responders are avoiding exercise because they are embarrassed to be seen exercising. The survey also found that 46% of responders had feelings of anxiety about the thought of attending a gym.

We want to help you cut out the gym. We will train you in the privacy of your own home. This allows you to get away from the crowd and get focused one on one attention to attain the body you have always dreamed of.

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Benefits of Send A Trainer

  • No judgement, no intimidation, no anxiety and NO GYM
  • May help you get off medications, increase stamina, increase strength, increase flexibility, increase balance, better sex live, better mental health
  • No time needed to get ready and drive to the gym
  • Better likelihood of positive results
  • Quicker results
  • Professionals to walk you through every step


  • Qualified professionals (trainers, nutritionists, and life coaches) are sent to your home, office, local park, beach or apartment gym.
  • Software to assist in your journey- Food journal, meal planning, workout generator
  • Some programming is doctor created
  • Scientifically supported ideology

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