Doug and Michelle understand what you are going through and want to help!

This company was founded by Certified Personal Trainers Doug and Michelle Waldman. They came to the fitness industry later in life than most. Their migration to the fitness industry from the real estate and banking industry started when Michelle saw herself in a family photo and she realized that she had let her weight jump by over 30 pounds. She had been so busy taking care of the family business, their three sons, the house and Doug that she had forgotten to take care of her own health. Michelle decided right then and there to take her life back. She dropped the thirty plus pounds the hard way- working out twice a day and journaling what she ate every day. Doug soon followed suit and saw similar results.before-after-founders In 2009, Michelle and Doug decided that the mortgage industry had lost its allure; they started looking for other industries where they could help people. They realized that nearly 70% of Americans were either overweight or obese and that offering personal training services would help other middle-aged and older Americans to lose weight and get back in shape. So they founded 805 Get Fit, a small fitness company in Thousand Oaks, and after a while they expanded into 818 Get Fit. After years of resounding success, they have begun to expand around California and other states.  “This career has been one of the most rewarding things that I have ever done,” Says Certified Personal Trainer Michelle Waldman (42 years old), “I have at home personal training clients taking control of their lives and dropping lots of weight. They feel better, are stronger, more flexible and have more energy than they have had in decades. There is so much false and misleading information in the media, it is hard to figure out what is the right way to lose the weight and get in shape. Our personal experience allows us to really understand what our weight loss and personal fitness coaching clients are going through. We help our clients to avoid the frustration that comes with Yo-Yo dieting and all those articles that make it sound like losing weight is the easiest thing in the world.” Doug adds,” We decided to offer in home training or at home personal training services because studies show that 80% of American’s don’t want to go to a gym. We figured that if we go to a client’s house then the chances of them staying on track is much higher and I am happy to report that this has indeed been the case. We focus on functional training and HIIT workouts so we don’t need machines to work on movement patterns that our clients see in real life. This makes it very easy for our clients to get started. We make this a very inviting, very supportive experience.”

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