Knowing that fitness is a necessary part of life and will be for the rest of your life doesn’t make it any easier. Many people just don’t enjoy the process and because of that fact they would rather do anything other than exercise.

Joining a gym isn’t the solution because it still requires you to actually get in the car and get to the gym. That’s where Send A Trainer comes in. We bring the workout to you. Our trainers build you custom workouts to help you meet your fitness and weight loss goals. Now you can avoid the overcrowded gym, and get one on one training with an expert.

Our educated and experienced Certified Personal Trainers come to you. We will make the experience fun but effective. We will help you to set and reach realistic goals, set you up with a food journaling system, and perform an assessment every six weeks to make sure that we are on the track to you achieving your goals.

Our trainers are well versed in dealing with various ailments so no need to worry that your knee is sore or that you have a bad hip. We can even speak directly with your doctor for any serious situations so that our programming is in alignment with any medical treatments that you are currently receiving.