Send A Trainer offers a variety of personal training options for all needs and all budgets. Click the links below to learn more. Or if you are ready to get started now, click here!

In Home Personal Training

We have in home, background checked, certified personal trainers. Our trainers come to you. This saves you time, money, and allows you to get one on one training with a local expert. Learn more here.

Virtual Training

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Since the trainer doesn’t need to drive to you, there is a cost savings over “in home” training. This program is perfect for someone who has worked with a trainer for a while, someone who travels or anyone on a budget. We have two virtual programs, one is a small group class. This allows you to train from anywhere with internet connection and still get an excellent workout. And it won’t break the bank! We also have virtual programs for those who want to add variety to their workouts or get custom written workouts, but feel comfortable doing it on their own. These programs also come with nutritional and meal planning software. Learn more here.

Couples Training

A great way to change the health pattern of a couple or family. Weight issues will tend to run in couples or families for many reasons, what better way to change the lives of the entire household than by making a significant lifestyle shift? Learn more here!

Pre and Post Natal

There are many benefits to both your health and the health of your baby. Our Pre/Post Natal Program is written by the Director of the Clinical Exercise Research Center at USC. It is designed to help you get in or stay in shape throughout the pregnancy and to help you bounce back as quickly and safely as possible and can be overseen by your doctor or one of the doctors that we work with.  Learn more here!


There are so many factors when trying to take your body to the next level effectively and safely. Diet is 75 to 80% of your results which is why we have on staff dieticians and nationally ranked fitness competitors to help you reach your ultimate fitness goals. Most importantly our seasoned fitness professionals can help you train for any goal you have in mind whether you want to compete, get huge or ripped.  Learn more here!

Luxe Fitness and Weight Loss

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From the developers of Doctor’s Choice Fitness Corp and Send A Trainer comes one of the most comprehensive concierge style weight loss and fitness programs available. Luxe Fitness‘ exclusive program is designed to cater to clients that appreciate the finer things and want serious results all from the privacy of your own home.

Luxe Fitness offers Master Level Certified Personal Trainers, Registered Dietitians, Nutritionists, and Certified Life Coaches within our scientifically supported program.

Corporate Wellness

Organizations are recognizing that improving the health, and therefore increasing productivity, of their workforce can do more than cut costs. Increased productivity leads to an improved bottom line and sustained competitive advantage. Successful outcomes-based wellness programs measure productivity in addition to focusing on medical cost savings.  Learn more here!