We love working with couples. A very large percentage of our business is working with couples either separately or together in the same session. It is a great way to change the health pattern of a couple or family. Weight issues will tend to run in couples or families for many reasons, what better way to change the lives of the entire household than by making a significant lifestyle shift?

If you have children that are old enough to participate, they are welcome to join in. I want to work with a friend, significant other or family member! Click Here*

SendATrainer Weight Loss“I consider it a blessing that we found sendAtrainer. The personal level of service surpasses all other trainers I have worked with in the past. Being able to train in my own personal space means success is possible, because the truth is we will never go to the gym as regularly or push or selves as hard as they do. They have great advice with journaling food which helps with the intense accountability that is required. I have achieved my goals steadily and I feel confident in them to get me to my next set of goals. Now the true miracle is with my husband. He had never worked out regularly or paid such attention to his caloric intake. This mindfulness that his trainer with sendAtrainer inspired, helped him reach a level of fitness, that is quite noticeable. Others notice him and this raises his confidence. He was fearful that he had resigned to being overweight; sendAtrainer gave him a path for achieving his fitness goals. Now he is seeing his.”

Rebecca and Gregg S, 42 years old

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* Disclaimer: The testimonials on this site are from actual clients who have worked with one of our personal trainers. Results will vary depending on many things including: adherence to our program, medical conditions, age, genetics, gender, diet, level of activity, etc. Always get doctor approval before embarking on a rigorous personal training program.