I really enjoy working with motivated weight loss / lifestyle modification clients. It is very rewarding helping someone who is properly motivated to achieve and exceed their goals.


Doug, the father of three sons from 16-23 and happily married for 23 years, has owned and operated businesses in the real estate, development, banking and fitness industries. He had become an overweight middle aged banker and took his life back. In doing so he learned what works and what doesn't for weight loss and developed a passion for helping others with the same battle. Doug has worked at some of the largest and most successful gyms brands in the United States. From that passion Doctor's Choice Fitness Corp and Send a Trainer were created. He has helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds of fat and get in shape. Doug is an avid surfer, boating enthusiast and fisherman.
If you’re not going all the way, why go at all? –Joe Namath